At RPS, we exist to help you, our client, do your job better. From roadways to waterways, transit systems to drainage systems, we bring proven engineering solutions to your task at hand. Browse our service offerings and related projects for insight into what we can bring to the table for you.

Exploring. Processing. Enhancing.

Clean, clear water. Uninterrupted supply. No community or economy of any size exists without clean water. We find it, clean it, disinfect it and deliver it to people’s homes, businesses and industries. When the public finishes with it, we pick it up, clean it up and put it back where we found it. From discovery through sustainable use of natural resources. On a budget.

RPS builds the water systems that build our communities.

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Analysis. Prediction. Innovation.

Roadways. Homes. Businesses. Floods too often destroy the foundations of our communities. So we plan for everyday drainage needs while working to mitigate extraordinary flood events. To detain, divert and disperse the flow of water, we need tools much like the roadways and electronic signals that manage the flow of traffic. But before we use site-specific drains, inlets, weirs, pumps and box culverts, we design for the big-picture impact downstream.

RPS builds the drainage systems that build our communities.

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Signalization. Circulation. Optimization.

Stop. Go. Yield. Turn. Merge. Simple concepts achieved only by implementing complex engineering principles. From sub-structure to pavement to traffic technology, all roadways are designed to improve flow, move people and cargo, move our cities and economy.

RPS builds the roadways that build our communities.

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Reliable. Safe. Connected.

Move people. Move products. The economic baseline. Our roadways and railways, therefore, require bridges to cross streets, rivers, railroads, gullies and bay waters. Bridges ensure that our railways and our roadways are efficient and effective. Bridges can be beautiful, but they must be strong.

RPS builds the bridges that build our communities.

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Managing. Modernizing. Expanding.

Import. Export. Buy. Sell. Ports make it possible. Yet new-century ports require input and collaboration. Regulation and oversight. From communities and governments. Local. State. Federal. Managing Gulf Coast port projects to prepare for growth from the increased traffic via the Panama Canal requires a collaborative approach and a commitment to the bottom line.

RPS builds the ports that build our communities.

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Precision. Sustainable. Design.

Moving more people simultaneously in the same space. Bus systems. High speed rapid transit. Light rail. Commuter rail. To move people to and from their jobs while building the economy, we’re formulating practical transit solutions to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy.

Savvy municipalities and transportation agencies turn to RPS engineers who specialize in traffic planning, engineering and design of intelligent traffic systems (ITS) to derive maximum benefit from dollars spent to enhance mobility.

RPS builds the transit systems that build our communities.

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Accessibility. Security. Economic viability.

Regional airports provide an economic boost to their communities. Necessary goods and services. Wages of owners and employees – generating further purchase of goods and services. The local economy thrives because of well-designed airports – large or small – connecting people with the places they want to go and the things they want to purchase.

RPS builds the airports that build our communities.

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Practical. Timely. Effective.

Environmental compliance is often viewed as the most complex part of the project that can delay your design and construction schedule. Environmental approval timelines have increased, and few industries have regulatory and rule changes more often than environmental. RPS has the experts with extensive experience in environmental studies, analyses, investigations, permitting and documentation. We have a wide range of environmental experience and expertise – including highways, roadways, aviation, transit, rail, land development and public infrastructure – that can vastly shorten your timeline from planning to project completion.

RPS takes the worry out of environmental compliance.

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Sustainable. Affordable. Livable.

At RPS, we’re re-imagining our processes and offering our clients opportunities for sustainable design – which can save money, too. From stormwater management to sustainable roadways. Recycled concrete to native and renewable materials. LEED, LID, ISI or any sustainable criteria. Our fresh perspective and insight from numerous certified Envision Sustainability Professionals on staff helps clients balance economic development with environmental opportunities. We provide award-winning engineering designs while focusing on practical, workable solutions for our clients. Identifying new ways to meet the needs of today without compromising the resources of tomorrow.

RPS identifies and implements the sustainable practices that build our communities.

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Creating. Transforming. Connecting.

Parks and trails not only create better-connected communities, but cultivate healthier lifestyles, encourage alternative transportation use and increase municipal revenue as well. RPS has contributed to hundreds of miles of parks and trails across Texas, helping our clients cost effectively bring project ideas to life.

RPS builds the parks and trails that connect our communities.

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